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BlogDon't Rush the Brush

Don't Rush the Brush

Dr. Kavita Mahesh

Show some love to your smile. Sharing a collage of pictures from colleagues and patient's. And there is more. As a mom and a dentist here are a few tips for both kids and adults.
Brushing can be fun. Ask any mom who wants her kids to avoid the toothache. If you still scream the walls down to get your kids to brush or hate it yourself - Take a deep breath and go through these tips.

  1. Get rid of the fear and think and instill positive thoughts about brushing. In my experience lot of adults are visualizing how to avoid cavities. Kids get told brush or else you will get cavities. Few instances kids are told the dentist will give you a shot/ injections if you don't brush!!!! I dread to visit some of my friends who tell their kids this... imagine my stunned plight as soon as we meet the child runs away screaming - please no injections... I will brush properly from today!!!! Believe me people it's Halloween all year around for me and I don't even need the costume....
    So think positive yourselves and tell kids they will have shiny white clean teeth if they brush. Stop at this of you are a realist. You can add a touch of whimsical and say how the tooth fairy will be ecstatic to see shiny pearly white teeth and reward you better (up to you)
  2. Now that we got the mental attitude right let's get down to the dental one.... how can dreary old brushing become fun when all we want and instruct is brush properly but brush fast or else you will miss the bus... if you have learnt anything from kids the first thing is anything can be fun.. let's begin our day and theirs with fun... start practicing on a weekend or night time. If your kids are older they are going to think you've turned loony before they join you ... so brace yourselves
    make sounds say eeeeee and aaaaa while brushing yourself and see how kids follow your suit happily soon... can you brush saying oooo.. bet even you are curious to try that one out...
    get messy.. blow some tooth paste bubbles..
    get apps and online music to go with brush time.. not going to suggest one.. browsing for one can be fun...ask your kids to select... some apps ask you to choose and feed different types of food and brush virtually before setting a timer for you to brush...
    Get them to experiment scientifically... check breath is it nice before you brush or they look whiter and cleaner before you brush or after... what will happen if you take too much paste... what happens if you eat sticky chocolates go Check in the mirror... what happens if you eat an apple... go check...

That's not the end... I could go on and on but am going to leave you at this to find your own fun while I give my fingers a break before picking up the drill.

Happy brushing... keep smiling always....

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