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BlogEvaluation of the success of Veneer

Evaluation of the success of Veneer

Dr. Hiba Al Charbaji

The veneer is a thin ceramic layer manufactured in laboratory in different colors, it is of high hardness and is fixed on the surface of the tooth with special materials.

The purpose of the veneer is to modify the smile, and to solve some minor problems in the teeth, such as the presence of spaces between the teeth, or the light overlap of teeth, or teeth implants with front fillings, whose color change over time.

After examining the patient's condition and knowing the problem that he wishes to correct using the veneer, a comprehensive study of the patient's teeth is carried out by taking the rubber prints of the teeth and selecting the appropriate color and shape for the veneer according to certain aesthetic criteria.

This is followed by preparation of the teeth to receive the veneer and its adhesion.

After the adhesion process, the patient is subjected to removal of adhesion residues between the teeth and the edges of the veneer, making sure by passing the dental thread between the teeth.

Hence, we can begin to assess the success of the veneer.

The success of the veneer depends on the doctor and the dental laboratory on one hand, and the patient on the other.

As for the dentist and dental technician, we mention the following points:

  1. Prepare the teeth properly to receive the veneer without removing excess dental tissues or pulling the tooth nerve.
  2. Selection of experienced dental technician, and the selection of high-quality ceramic materials and adhesives.
  3. After affixing the veneer, ensure of the full application of the veneer on the surface of the tooth without any space between the veneer and the tooth.
  4. placing the borders of the veneer to the beginning of gingival gums around the tooth.
  5. Remove all the plaques existing between the veneer.
  6. Use of the dental thread to ensure the complete separation between veneer.

As for the patient, we ask him to abide by a set of instructions as follows:

  1. Clean the teeth naturally two to three times a day.
  2. Take care of the gums and the use of oral contusions once a day.
  3. Wear a plastic mold for the teeth at night to protect the veneer --- severe occlusion or night squeak.
  4. Attending the visit of the dentist for periodic examination and cleaning of teeth every 4 to 6 months.

Signs of the success of the veneer.

Each patient should be aware of this information to assess the success of the veneer.

  1. The gums are of a pink color without volume or bleeding around the veneer but continue above the veneer naturally.
  2. The patient does not feel any unpleasant smell --- his mouth.
  3. Lack of any sensitivity or pain in the teeth after ten days of installation of the veneer.
  4. Fastness of the color of veneer after ten days of its composition.
  5. The patient can use the dental thread to clean between his teeth.

We need a period of ten days of installation of the veneer to evaluate the success of the work, where the teeth and gums recover after the installation of the veneer, this period does not exceed two weeks.