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DoctorsDr. Mahmoud Abdel-AAL

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-AAL

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-AAL


  • MB Bch Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt December 1979.
  • M.S. Orthopedic An-Shams Faculty of Medicine, Egypt 1988
  • MD Orthopedic (PhD), CAIRO UNIVERSITY. Thesis: Free Flap Orthopedic 2002

Training and workshop

  • Medical Doctorate(MD)Orthopedic Surgery November 2010
  • Basic course of A.O. in 1988
  • Shoulder & hand surgery course 2002
  • Advanced course in spine surgery
  • Training on spinal surgery and arthroplasty in Austria
  • PST therapy for sport injury & arthritis Munich
  • Minimal invasive spinal surgery course in Zurich.
  • Training course of pain therapy Egypt
  • NUCLEPLASTY, balloon kyphoplasty Austria

Previous Jobs

  • Medeor hospital
  • Alliance medical day care centre
  • Orthopedic specialist in welcare start in 3/2007 till 2013
  • Orthopedic specialist surgeon in SAMA center DUBAI from 2005-till 2007
  • Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon in SAUDI ARABIA (from 2004-2005)
  • Specialist in electricity hospital Cairo (800 beds) for 2 years (2002 – 2004) I operate on several cases of total hips & knee arthroplasty and knee arthroscopy and internal fixation of multiple fractures by different methods of fixation (2002-2004)
  • El Helal Orthopedic Hospital 1200 beds main hospital of trauma in M.O.H. in Egypt 3 years (1998 – 2002)
  • Specialist of Orthopedic Surgery in Helmia  Military Hospital 18 years (1981-1998) the main orthopedic hospital in military force(1600 beds)
  • Resident of orthopedic surgery, Military Hospital 3 years (1981 – 1984)
  • Doctor under training in Kasr Al Aini Hospital, Cairo University (1 year) 1980-1981

Specialty and Medical Experience

  • Minimally invasive ENDOSCOPIC SPINAL SURGERY
  • Spine Surgery discectomy & spinal fixation, percuteneous & endoscopic discectomy.
  • Arthroplasty  Knee, Hip, and Shoulder in cases of advanced O.A. & modular system in cases of tumor resection.
  • Arthroscopy for shoulder ,ankle and knee surgery as menuscectomy & ACL reconstruction of knee.
  • Management of different types of trauma.
  • Correction of bone deformity and lengthening of bone shortening using Illizarov external fixation
  • Hand surgery and micro-surgery.

1. Spine surgery

  • Anterior discectomy and fusion of cervical spine by bone graft and plate & cage.
  • Posterior decompression of cervical cord in cases of cervical trauma and fixation by wire and bone graft.
  • Posterior fixation of lumbar spine in cases of trauma,
  • Spondylolithises with decompression and disc removal
  • Posterior inter-body fusion by cage and bone graft.
  • Scoliosis and anterior fusion .

2. Hip surgery

  • Total hip  arthroplasty.
  • hip arthoplasty in tumors
  • management of fracture around hip
  • correction of hip deformity

3. Knee surgery

  • Correction of knee deformity.
  • Knee arthroscopy for meniscectomy and ACL reconstruction
  • Total knee arthroplasty
  • Management of fracture around knee

4. Foot surgery

  • Correction of foot deformity as talipus equinovaraus open and by Ilizarov
  •  Percutenus correction of hallux valgus , especial technique
  • ANKLE ARTHROSCOPY and repair of torn ligaments

5. U.L. surgery

  • Vascularized bone graft for scaphoid non united fracture
  • Tendon repair and transfer for treatment of hand deformity,
  •  Microscopic nerve repair.

6. Micro surgery

  • Free muscle flap in cases of soft tissue defect ,bone loss and in cases off Volkman contracture
  • Management of chronic osteomylitis

7. Professional Memberships

  • SICOT International Society (SWEDEN)
  • ISMISS International Society (ZURICH)
  • ESOS Egyptian society of orthopedic surgery (EGYPT)
  • SIS for spine injection
  • Tobi for biological tratment (USA)



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